My professional career, experience, and skills.

Tuan Anh Huynh (Leo)

Software Engineer - Ha Noi, VN


Software Engineer with 5 years of experience in eCommerce development (Shopify) and Javascript-based technologies (NodeJS / ReactJS / Typescript / Remix / NextJS).

Learning new languages and technologies, especially JS-related, is what I am passionate about. Besides my ability to work well in a team, I can mentor tasks and review code for fresh members.

Areas of Expertise

Programming LanguagesPlatforms / Frameworks / Libraries
JavaScript, Python 3.xShopify, Shopify Theme + APIs
HTML5, CSS3Node.js, React.js
Java, C, C++TypeScript, Express, Koa.js, Mongoose, JWT, GraphQL
jQuery, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, SCSS, Semantic UI
Flask (Python), Java Swing
Version ControlForeign Languages
Git (GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket)English: TOEIC 830/990 at IIG Viet Nam

Working Experiences

Insights Studio

Ha Noi, May 2021 - Apr 2022 (11 Months)

Project: Minimog Shopify Theme -

  • Description: The Next Generation of highest-converting and extensible Shopify's theme that contains 50+ demos, mobile-first, and features rich! (Weekly Bestseller and Top Trending in eCommerce category)

  • Team size: 3

  • Stack:

    • Pure JS, SCSS + Tailwind CSS, Webpack, Liquid, Themekit, Shopify APIs
  • Position: Frontend Developer

  • Responsibilities:

    • Initialize and setup project base from scratch
    • Config build tool (Webpack + Tailwind Config), dev process, and deployment (Github actions and Bitbucket Pipelines)
    • Implement lots of Sections in homepage (Header, Hero, Testimonials, Footer, Predictive Search, Mobile Mega Menu)
    • Build Cart Drawer
    • Incharge of Product page, Account Pages (Login/Register/Order), Wishlist page, Product Compare page
    • Build 7 layouts of Product page and many features: Sticky Add To Cart button, Product Options and Variant Swatch, Media Lightbox, Video + 3d Model media support, Product Bundle, Sale notification...
    • Build many reusable UI elements and function: Accordion, Tabs, Animate Loading bar, Event Emitter (PubSub), JSX component, i18n....
    • Build Collection Filter for Shopify Online Store 2.0
    • Interview and train new Engineers
    • Support customer with bug fixing and theme configuration
  • Accomplishments:

    • Theme got Weekly Bestseller and Top Trending in eCommerce category
    • Good knowledge of Shopify platform, Shopify APIs, Shopify themes

Project: Fox Kit Shopify App -

  • Description: The upsells and boost conversion tools that is built to support Minimog theme

  • Team size: 2

  • Stack:

    • Front-end: Polaris + React
    • Back-end: Koa.js, JWT, MongoDB, Shopify-koa-auth
  • Position: Backend Developer

  • Responsibilities:

    • Initialize and setup project base from scratch
    • Incharge of Server side (API, Authentication, Session, Shopify integration, Shopify APIs)
    • Config and setup HTTPS in local development with OpenSSL
    • Define Model, Schema and Rest APIs for all App’s plugins
    • Query and mutate Shopify resources with both Rest and GraphQL API (Assets, Metafields, Theme, Product, Collection, Shop data...)
    • Implement public APIs for querying Shop’s data from Storefront
    • Create mechanism for calculating and mutating Cart
    • Create Draft Order to apply discount for custom Checkout
    • Working with Shopify Webhooks (GDPR webhooks and many other topics)
    • Create mechanism to install and update theme automatically
  • Accomplishments:

    • Good knowledge of all server side stuff (APIs, authentication, session, middleware, database...)
    • Good knowledge of Shopify platform, Shopify APIs, Shopify themes

Coc Coc

Ha Noi, May 2020 - Apr 2021 (11 Months)

Project: Coc Coc’s Newsfeed -

  • Description: News for Coc Coc’s user in Coc Coc new tab
  • Team size: 3
  • Stack:
    • Front-end: Pure JS, stylus
  • Position: Frontend Developer
  • Responsibilities:
    • Implement all UI parts (Markup, style, component, infinite loading, Feed’s settings panel)
    • Discuss with Designer and backend team for choosing the best UI and data for newsfeed
    • Optimize performance and main newtab’s widgets and addons
    • Build Search Box for Coc Coc’s landing page
  • Accomplishments:
    • Good knowledge of Pure JS
    • Learn how to write clean, readable, and scalable code
    • Learn how to work with complicated codebase
    • Improve teamwork, communication skill and English skill


Ha Noi, Aug 2018 - Apr 2020 (21 months)

Project: PageFly - Advanced Page Builder - (Top 3 Page Builder app on Shopify)

  • Description: Drag n drop page builder for conversion rate optimization, design and build responsive landing pages for Shopify’s stores

  • Team size: 8

  • Stack:

    • Back-end: Node.js, Express, Redis, GraphQL, MongoDB
    • Front-end: ReactJS, React hooks, Unstated (State Management), GraphQL (Apollo), Styled Components, Webpack, ESlint, Jest
  • Position: Full stack developer

  • Responsibilities:

    • Research the possibility and implement new features (on both back-end and front-end) based on spec from UX team
    • Learn Shopify’s development process, read Shopify’s APIs, theme code, liquid code. Implement integration with 3rd party app
    • Develop APIs, UI modules and external library for the app
    • Meeting with UX team and Dev team to understand users’ requirements and define suitable feature’s specification
    • Directly support customers with technical issues (via live chat and skype call)
  • Accomplishments:

    • Good knowledge of Shopify platform
    • Learn new technologies and frameworks
    • Learn how to write clean, readable and scalable code
    • Learn how to work with legacy code
    • Improve teamwork, communication skill and English skill

Techkids Viet Nam

Ha Noi, May 2017 - Jul 2018 (14 months)

Project: Love of Knowledge -

  • Description: CMS for LOK company
  • Team size: 4
  • Position: Front-end Developer
  • Responsibilities:
    • Implement all Front-end design from PSD files to HTML, CSS
    • Working with Youtube API
    • Implement responsive UI (Mobile only)

Project: Room Finder

  • Description: A mobile app for finding hotel or guesthouse in Ha Noi based on position, distance, price or hotel’s comforts
  • Team size: 4
  • Position: Back-end Developer
  • Responsibilities:

Project: Check You In

  • Description: A company internal web app (using MERN stack) for managing teacher’s check-in, calculating monthly salary and sending them via Gmail
  • Team size: 2
  • Position: Full Stack Developer
  • Responsibilities:
    • Design and implement basic UI/UX components
    • Design database schema and implement back-end services based on the requirements from team leader

Side Projects

  • Shopify Theme Starter: Starter kit to build a Shopify Theme from scratch includes Webpack 5 and Tailwind CSS
  • Tiny retry: A lightweight module (~0.5kb) to retry an async job until the job success or stop after a maximum number of tries
  • Slider-x: Vanilla JS library for PageFly premium element - SlideShow
  • Nodejs Google APIs Starter: NodeJS starter code for PageFly Analytics feature
  • Travel Egypt: Picture puzzle game built with pygame (Python)
  • Infinite Gallery: Infinite loading modal gallery
  • Store Manager Desktop store management app using Java Swing, JDBC, SQL Server


Hanoi University of Science and Technology Sep 2013 - Feb 2019

  • Major: Electronics and Telecommunications
  • Degree grade: Good

Pastimes and Activities

  • Coding Instructor at MindX Technology & Startup School (aka Techkids), I teach Python fundamentals and Python web development
  • I’m keen on reading books, IT blogs, Medium and Quora
  • I love outdoor activities (sport, swimming, ping-pong...)
  • PES is my favorite game

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