My open source side projects and stuff that I built with my colleagues at work


Minimog - The Next Generation Shopify Theme

The Next Generation of highest-converting and extensible Shopify's theme that contains 50+ demos, mobile-first, and features rich! (Top Trending in eCommerce category and #2 Weekly Bestseller on the first release week)

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Fox Kit Shopify App

The upsells and boost conversion tools that is built to support Minimog theme (Made with Koa.js, JWT, MongoDB, Shopify-koa-auth and Polaris + React)

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Side Projects

Shopify theme starter

Starter kit to build a Shopify Theme from scratch includes Webpack 5 and Tailwind CSS 2 (Minimog theme use this)

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Tiny retry

A lightweight module (~0.5kb ✨) to retry an async job until the job success or stop after a maximum number of tries

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Travel Egypt Picture Puzzle

Python picture puzzle made with pygame

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Infinite Loading Gallery

Image gallery with Infinite Loading (Built with React + Semantic UI)

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Store Manager

Desktop application for store management made with Java, Java Swing, JDBC, SQL Server

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